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Pokemon – Extremely popular franchise

 The Pokémon franchise has been the source of many wonderful interactive adventures. Adventures, fame, excitement and much more were enough for all the trainers who dared to take over the world of Pokémon. Pokemon Yellow, the first version that put the player in the place of the protagonist of a television show, was a great addition to the series.

After the player has chosen their main character, their search for the best Pokémon master begins. In relation to the television series, the yellow version allows the Pokémon trainer to start with Pikachu to accompany them on their journey through the Kanto region. To become the best of the best, the user must find each Pokémon and add it to their Pokedex, as well as defeat all the legendary gym leaders. In the end, they must fight on an epic scale against the infamous Elite Four.

This game, in a long chain of franchises, has a unique feature that allows the pokemon go accounts for sale to follow the trainer out of his pokeball. The young coach, after all, meets many of the animation show’s cameo heroes, such as rock gym leader Brock and watermaster Misty. Along with many improved visuals and gameplay improvements for its predecessors, Yellow had mini-games that allowed the coach to play more with his Pikachu.

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The Pokémon trainer from Pallet Town, the user’s hometown, has one ultimate goal: to become the world’s best Pokémon master, collecting all eight badges and defeating the Elite Four. The main character has an opponent who changes his Pokémon according to the way the player chooses his adventure. The player also wants to stop the terrible command missile during his travels, as this organization seeks to use Pokémon for evil.

This version takes many points from a widely viewed anime show to include not only in its game, but also in its story. The player will receive Pikachu to participate in the quest and will meet many famous characters from this show. Jesse and James are the most notorious villains on the TV show, and their appearance in the game almost makes the player feel like he’s on the show.

Pikachu also makes the game more interesting with its many emotions, which vary according to how the user plays. As Pikachu walks on the ground and not in his pokeball, the coach has more opportunities to communicate with his little friend. The moments when Pikachu tries to speak to the coach are truly memorable.

The opportunity to walk alongside the Pokémon was an opportunity that many fans dreamed of in their sweetest dreams. This wish was fulfilled, and everyone who had played in the series had a true treasure to remember. Pokemon Yellow has become almost the fastest addition to gain popularity in no time.